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bitty area of rain that's kind of come across the beltway, inside the district. and again, this is so much letter than what it was. it was severe about 45 minutes ago to an hour ago and has weakened quite a bit. if we were to pick out what would be the heaviest of the activity, and by no means is it more than just a shower, it's up north of middleburg, near leesburg. these are pictures that have been sent to us from the leesburg area of the hail. we did have hail, three- quarters of an inch, even an inch, and that's what pretty much dictated the severe thunderstorm warnings. you can see all the white around the dog. that's a pretty good patch of hail. three-quarters of an inch -- or not three-quarters of an inch of hail but the size of the
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hail was three-quarters of an inch. fairfax county, parts of montgomery county getting some very strong storms. you can see back to the north of us up into western sections of pennsylvania, northern central pennsylvania, all of us firing up ahead of a frontal system. i think the front will get close enough to us tonight that we still have to at least include a chance for some showers, even some thunderstorms, and that will go until about midnight or so. technically we are under a severe thunderstorm watch. that's everybody under a severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00 tonight. maybe canceled earlier, portions, but not yet. but right now no active severe thunderstorm warnings for us here surrounding d.c. so we'll keep a very close eye on it. but again, just about an hour, hour and a half ago we did have a pretty good amount of severe weather. >> thanks a lot, gary. you can depend on fox 5 when severe weather strikes.
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go to for up to the minute changes in the weather plus a closer look at any storms rolling through your neighborhood. turning to a developing story out of beltsville, maryland, a violent car crash involving some teens. this happened this morning around 11:00 along the 3100 block of powder mill road. two cars were involved. the driver of one vehicle was trapped for about 45 minutes. the passengers were' joked. we're told they are expected to survive. the driver of the second car, a maine his 20s, was also hurt in this accident. he was taken to the hospital, and he is expected to recover. meanwhile, police identified a woman moon what was killed at a greenbelt apartment complex. 41-year-old jacqueline bass was shot several times in the apartment parking lot. police don't have a suspect at this point, nor do they have a
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motive. a terrifying morning. snakes frantically tried to help people trapped inside a burning house. it happened in lorton. beth parker is live with more of this heartbreaking story. >> reporter: well, sean, a woman inside this town house helped three children, including a newborn get to. she probably saved the lives of those children but she could not get out herself. at first they didn't see the fire but they did hear the cries for help. >> it was entirely too much to hear the screams and lay there and ignore them. >> we went to the front door. we couldn't go in because the flame was so high and the thick, black smoke. and we went to the glass door. >> suddenly in her arms an
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eight-week-old baby. >> i grabbed the baby from them. he tried to go back in and he couldn't. >> reporter: an adult female was able to toss the baby out of a second-story window. >> i took them in, and i held the baby. >> reporter: but three other family members were trapped inside. >> she said, they're still in the house, you know, and we couldn't do anything. we couldn't get in. >> reporter: then neighbors say they heard several small explosions. >> when i heard the boom, i didn't hear a scream any more. i got on my knees. i knew then it wasn't a good thing. >> we couldn't do anything. just to watch and wait for everybody to come. that was the hard part. and i knew that the kids were still in there. >> reporter: firefighters were on the scene in minutes but they could not save the woman and the two children who had been trapped. >> i just hope everybody keeps
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them in prayers, because this is a very trammic moment. those students were loved. >> reporter: the adult male, eight-year-old and six-year-old are all expect expected to survive. >> that newborn was flown to the hospital, we're told, as a precaution. the two other surviving children went to the hospital by ambulance. this fire was called in around 8:30. investigators are on the scene trying to figure out exactly how the fire started. i'm beth parker, back to you. >> that's awful, beth. at this point what else do we know about this family? >> reporter: neighbors tell us they had, about three months. but at this point we do not know the identity of these
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victims. beth parker. >> thank you j. a maryland man wanted for killing his ex-wife and setting her apartment on fair is now behind bars. daymon weiss was. doctors release he'd him to the custody of police yesterday. he is now being held without bond. an eviction in d.c. turning into a much bigger job than anyone could have expected. take a look, the woman beg kicked sought a hoarder. and what was inside her home was enough to fill the. sherri ly is live in northwest with what happens next. >> reporter: laura, the city is taking what is left of those be lob 00 omp. all that came out of that second row house over there, and the belongings when taken
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out, started from the end of the block. it is being loaded into dump trucks ride. >> i've never, never, ever seen anything like this. >> reporter: two city blocks of furniture, old electron i guess so, box after box of stuff hoarded by the thousands, now torpts. >> my thoughts was maybe about 15 people had just got put out. >> reporter: no, this belongs to one woman. she was evicted for failing to pay rent. >> i'm not going to. >> how many years have you been
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collecting? >> for 15 years. >> reporter: on tuesday it took crews more than 10 hours to get it all out. >> they couldn't get in the house from. the front door they made a line down to the street where they were passing every little piece by piece until they dug this up into the house. >> reporter: a virginia moving company volunteered to take away as. >> reporter: neighbors complained to the city about trash and debris in the backyard but never imagined how bad it was inside. >> how would all that stuff fit into one house unless it was tie tied to more than one house.
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>> there are obvious psychological issues here. >> god is good. he is going to provide me good job and new things. >> the city is storing the rest of her belongings, sparing it from the dump for now. >> reporter: diaz was ask ised to take only the most important things, but she ended up not parting with most of it, and left just a few things behind, some of it still here being taken away to storage. now, city records do indicate that she was issued a violation for that trash and did he fwree. there's no way that inspectors would have known what was inside unless she allowed them in. they had no idea of all that hoarding going on. lawyer would.
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are. we're helping you navigate changes coming up next. also ahead, the flu shot mate do more than just keep the aches and pains away. a new study links the risk of heart attack to the annual shot. is there cash in your trash? is i'll show you the things that you throw away that are sure signs you're throw cork he throwing too much. keep it right here. fox 5 is just getting started. sñ!@>ñ@ñ@ ao@.8;o?
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hi, home. i'm home. genuine glee just $14.99 and $79.99. find what makes you happy at a price that makes you homegoods happy. a man accused of killing a maryland state trooper facing judge. prosecutors say they have dna but no fingerprints on a handgun tied to the murder of trooper wesley brown. williams is accused of killing
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trooper brownback in june after being thrown out of a forestville restaurant. paul wagner joins us with that story. >> reporter: the state's attorney said he is still deciding whether to seek the death penalty against williams. glen ivy says he's confident in the evidence they have, even though his prosecutors admitted the only eyewitness has already lied to police at least once. police released this video of the man they wanted to question. he is the same man escorted out of the restaurant by trooper brown the night of the murder. under questioning by the defense, prosecutors were asked if they had video of the murder. they refused to say but admitted they do williams on camera. they also admitted they do not have video of anthony milton, the man what allegedly supplied the gun. prosecutors also admitted milton has lied to the police at least once. >> i think with cases like this, i'll speak generally, because i can't go to the evidence on this in particular,
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you always have to look at all the evidence together and make a determination about the strength of the case and whether or not you have enough to go forward but i think we're going to be okay. >> glen ivy also said he hasn't ruled outgoing to the death penalty but there's a burden to meet. >> obviously there's a new statute in the state that sort of elevates like the evidence that needs to be presented in order to seek the death penalty, and that's the dna, the videotape confession or videotape of the act. >> reporter: williams is accused of ambushing the officer. he was hit by two rounds, one entering his. williams' father briefly spoke outside. >> reporter: what was it like to sea your son like that this? you've heard the evidence. do you think he could have done
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anything like that? >> i don't know, i can't say did he, i can't say nothing. >> reporter: williams is beg held in a state pen ten tree where he is serving out a sentence on a previous crime. the judge found probable cause to hold odd. williams refused to pay his bill. the second man accused in the case, anthony milton, was indicted on first-degree murder charges. >> paul wagner, thank you. sky fox giving us a glimpse of trouble on interstate 70 in howard county. a trailer hauling. police say the driver fell asleep at the whale. traffic don to one lane. president obama visited phos church today to promote a
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new law, but six months to the day after he signed it the future is still uncertain. >> reporter: with democrats facing tough mid-term elections, president worked on turning back the clock. >> healthcare was one of those issues we could no longerric tore torn. >> i expect that it will make a big difference in my life and that of other people affect. >> i would have been so stressed out and worried about paying for my fechdz. >> part of the law, allowing parents to keep their dependents on the policy until the age of 26 and free preventive care. but the battle over health care reform isn't over. virginia and more than two
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prep. >> we have not been able to find any precedent, based on a commeclause or anywhere else, that the united states constitution awe raises ?sm. >> reporter: some say the two are tied and savings on healthcare will help consumers put more money in their pocket. >> we've just got to give people some basic peace of mind. >> reporter: northern virginia is pr. if republicans take the house this november that blueprint could be more of a road map to the fights that lie ahead between the white house and the gop. wicked weather in canada as hurricane igor delivers heavy
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appear and wind. the storms flooded homes and washed out roads. police are investigating claims that a driveway collapsed on an island, washing an 80-year-old man into the sea. tense of thous is. we had our share of storms roll through so what is op top? nmd. theefer thunderstorm twea -- since we last talked this little shower that has was close to leesburg has now gem. it is basically southwest, in extreme northern phlegm -- this is all basically moving very, very slowly to the east, and a little bit it to the south oift. so we'll watch these
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thunderstorms. here's sfoshs. between baltimore and lancaster. thunderstorm watch in effect until 10:00 for everybody. there is still the chance for scattered. temperature rate now follow. a little muggy, watching out for some more strong, possibly severe thunderstorms. plus fetch february. >> sounds like summer. gary, thank you. commuters are having their say right here in washington. national transit unions set up a big screen outside of union
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station. at the dosm. computers could send in texts supportly the plan and their text are displayed on a big screen. doctors have been telling snell
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right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. n for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer
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funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. a health alert about flu shots. seasonal flu shots might help protect against heart attacks but not everyone byes that he research. british researchers say your chances drop 20% if you get the shot but american medical experts aren't sure the findings are accurate. they say it's possible the people who got the shots are just generally healthier. egg farm owners grilled on capitol hill. lawmakers are questioning the owners of two i would egg farms at the center of that
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salmonella outbreak. they're also hearing from the victims what got sick. fox's molly hen enberg reports. >> we apologize to everyone who may have been sickened by eating our eggs. >> reporter: after federal investigators traced back multiple cases of salmonella poisoning to their hen houses. at this time we cannot be absolutely certain of the root cause of the contamination of the eggs we produced. however, we view that most likely root cause of contamination to be the meat and bone meal that was an ingredient in our feed. >> before their testimony, lawmakers slammed the egg maker for having a history of violations. >> as an iowan, i was disgusted to read reports about federal investigators finding live mice, infestations of flies, mountains of manure and other unsanitary conditions. >> the facilities were operated
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with a. >> as many as 1600 people may have been poisoned by the tainted eggs. two victims testified describing ingraphic detail how the tainted eggs made them sick. >> during the night i woke up vomiting and had severe diarrhea so bad i was beyond embarrassed to have to ask my husband for help. >> at the beginning i started to shake and experienced chills. then came waves of vomiting and explosive diarrhea. >> lawmakers say they hope today's hearing will help them figure out how and why this happened to prevent it from happening in the future. would you recognize the signs if you saw them? >> hoarding is a problem more and more people are talking about. tonight we're taking this sometimes taboo subject to an
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expert. plus, terror on wheels. cons in hot pursuit of a driver on the run. and trust us, you do not want to miss how this one ends. fox 5 news at 5:00 is coming right back. 
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earlier this hour we reported on a serious case of hoarding uncovered after a d.c. woman was evicted from her home. hoarding is a phenomenon we're hearing more and more about. there are even cable tv shows chronicling the lives of people whose houses are overflowing with a little bit of everything. what causes someone to be a hoarder? dr. lisa joins to us answer some of our questions. thanks for being here. today's story, we saw a woman who says she's been collecting things for 15 years. i know you haven't treated her or spoken to her, but what causes someone to become a hoarder? >> well, you have to think of it in this way. initially we have an impulse to save, all of us, but what
5:31 pm
happens is that impulse to save can become blown apart, so to speak. the inhibitions that we typically have are lost, and the biological brakes come off, and the natural impulse to save becomes an unnatural impulse to hoard. >> when do you know you crossed the line? is i've been saving things since high school, things that are important to me. when do you cross that line it to the point where you are called a sneered. >> that's a very good question. obviously some people will say, no, this is just my very worthwhile collection of things, and someone else will say, no, that's you hoarding shoes, you don't need all that stuff. so there is no bright line. but what we do know is the hoarder is a very diseased person, and you should think of it as a diseased model. people who are so anxious about let going of their objects that they will barricade, they will stop having a normal life. they are so psychologically invested in belongings that
5:32 pm
don't have any apparent worth, and they have enormous difficulty talking to anyone or facing up to some of the challenges that would improve their lives or the lives of the people around them, and their health consequences. >> are there any other signs that might help us recognize that potential possibly in ourselves, our family members, even our neighbors? >> well, yes, clearly there are some things that jump out at us, and in a situation like this it's very clear, but will you often find that people will have anor mouse amount of difficulty around making decisions about keeping or letting go of things. they have very difficult time setting priorities and organizing their belongings, then they begin to accumulate, and the people around them are complaining, there are smells, there is a lot of often it's very dirty sort of situation. the belongings have no real use other than the psychological investment the person is giving them, and those types of signs
5:33 pm
make it in a very -- in a place where it's a call more than anything, a clear reason to ask the person to get help. >> and how do you go about doing that? if i'm recognizing it -- >> that's not very easy. the best thing to do is to try to stage an intervention with people you do the way when they are abusing alcohol. you come in, you say, we can see what's happening, with you know that your impulse is something you are doing for a reason but we know that it's hurting you, it's hurting the people around you, we want you to get help, and there is help. then have someone who soivels experienced in taking care of people like this on the ready to intervene. >> dr. lisa, thanks so much for coming in. we appreciate it. traffic alert for the overnight hours. crews are closing all four
5:34 pm
lanes of southbound i-270 south of exit 10. that is diamond avenue. it's in montgomery county. the lanes will close in 15- minute intervals between midnight and 4:00 a.m. this is all part of the work for the intercounty connector. caught on camera, a dramatic ending to a high-speed car chase. four burglary suspects taking off in this white toyota camry. the driver reaches speeds of nearly 100 on the highway before weaving onto side streets. police finally stop the car, the suspects bail out. officers used a taser gun to subdue the driver, and at least one passenger. the suspects were then taken under arrest. democrats nationwide running in mid-term elections are hoping to harness the white house to help them win but they're not asking for the president. instead, they want the first lady. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama is going to be busy. she will embark on a multistate
5:35 pm
campaign blitz for mid-term election candidates from coast to coast. the first lady will start in the midwest hitting milwaukee and chicago before heading on to denver, then off to the east coast with a stop in new york before visiting the west coast for events in seattle, san francisco, and los angeles. >> they're sending her to states where -- which are basically blue states, which are open to democrats, but where some democratic candidates are in trouble. wisconsin, colorado, california, and that's where they think she will have the most influence. >> reporter: michelle obama is using her clout to push for senator russ feingold in wisconsin, and senator barbara boxer in l.a. in a race against carly fiorina. sources say she will not be getting down and dirt. >> reporter: yes her focus will be on back democratic candidates, not on taking shots at republicans. >> the first lady is more popular than the president.
5:36 pm
that's often the case, and they want to make use of the first lady's popularity. >> all right. the dust is finally settling on the american idol stage. >> jennifer lopez and steven tyler will share the table. what do the newcomers have to say? your all-access pass for idol coming up. pang to cross off the holiday shopping list we have the tips you need to do it hassle-free. the must-have toys of the year. you don't want to miss this one next. .
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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blockbuster wants the king of rental videos market could file for bankruptcy protection tomorrow. according to the wall street journal the company would close nearly 2,000 stores. the goal, wipe out nearly $900 million in debt. the move would help blockbuster complete its restructuring plan. it is time for kids to start getting their holiday wish list it together. toys "r" us unveiled dozens of items including disney's princess in me doll and the sing-a-ma-jig. >> we have a list of 36 which covers all the different age groups, and the big kids are kids at heart so no matter what age toys are fun. >> by the way the toys on the list range in price from $13 to more than $100. you can see the full list it on our website,
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>> are we really already talking about holiday gifts? full disclough sharks laura and i have already started our shopping. >> of course we have. but it's too hot out there to think about the hole days. not even feeling like fall. in fact, summer is hanging on. gary has your first full forecast. and the scoop behind can i can't's next gig, next. 
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right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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a lot of people looking for ways to scrimp and save but they don't realize how much money they're actually throwing away. fox 5's money reporter melanie alnwick is here. >> i went to the potomac trash summit where i caught up with the ultimate cheap sky. he showed me how to do a trash
5:45 pm
audit to discover where you're wasting money. jeff yeager knows a lot of things, but one of his favorite subjects is trash. >> here's the great news if you're a cheapskate like me, which is by producing less trash, you are going to save money, and that's what my trash autopsy is all about. >> reporter: a trash autopsy, says yeager, is a thorough dissect shun v all your discards, garbage, and recycling. >> look at all that, see what i'm talking about in the's you know credible. >> reporter: what you find will tell you where you're throwing money away. >> is it's like i'm look 18 bank account. >> reporter: first he picks on plastic water bottles. >> it would cost $1400 a year to get all of your water in bottles, as opposed to 47 cents to get it out of the tap. >> reporter: lots of packaging means could you shop smarter. senate's probably cost ugh 50 to 150% more to bay those small containers versus buying a large container or buying in
5:46 pm
bulk. >> reporter: fast-food boxes point to another big leak in your budget. >> you could save about 80% in general by preparing the fad at home. >> reporter: yeager sieghts composting instead of putting fad scraps in the trash. >> you can use that to polish furniture w. i'm not kidding you. >> reporter: too many phone books? yellow pages goes will get you off the distribution list. >> i like to use them as wipes to clean my windows and also to wrap things like cookies in the freezer, but then again i'm a cheapskate. >> reporter: he also takes issue with dryer lint. >> clothes that are dried outside last 50% longer. do the math. $1,000 a year in savings, producing less trash. >> reporter: through humor, and spendthrift savvy, yeager is spreading his message that the less we excuse me, the more we'll have for ourselves and
5:47 pm
future generations. >> the trash summit was sponsored by the alice ferguson foundation. 21 local lawmakers signed a potomac watershed treaty today. >> is he married? >> he is. >> what are you insinuating? >> god love his wife. >> i like his idea about using the old yellow book pages to clean your windows. >> that was good. >> newsprint works very well. >> he's doing stuff that's good for the environment and good for the pocket book. >> i'm not sure about the bay nay nay peels for the furniture. >> my wife just thinks i'm a cheapskate. i have nothing on that guy. i don't even know he what a telephone book is.
5:48 pm
i just go google or something right there. >> that makes sense. >> or call 411. >> or i just don't call. >> i haven't done that in a long time. maybe i am a cheap sky. a couple of showers or thunderstorms. fall starts tonight at 11:ought, and it feels like summer out there. you would never know it. high temperature today has been in the middle 90s. at 5:00, the temperature was 94 degrees at reagan national, and, of course with this heat, a little bit of humidity, and we have a frontal system in the area so we did draw some showers and thunderstorms. earlier this afternoon we did have severe weather, and we're all you should a watch. the only thing left, at least right now is this one little cell that's coming out of montgomery county, and it's about to cross over parts of 270. let's zoom in a little bit tight tear on that so you can see exactly where it is. again, right now this is basically the only game in
5:49 pm
town. rockville getting a little bit of this. this came through south of dardenstown, eventually maybe bethesda, then northern sections of the beltway. that's all we're seeing right now. there's probably a little bit of thunder in it, a little bit of cloud to cloud lightning. we're not getting any indication of any cloud-to- ground lightning strikes, but i believe there's probably a little bit of lightning and thunder in that. again, as we go and show you the watch in place this watch goes until 10:00 tonight, and everybody at least west of the bay is included in this watch. just a thunderstorm watch. my suspicion is that over the next couple of hours, unless we get a lot more activity firing up, which it looks like is not going to happen, a little bit of this watch, if not most of this watchl be canceled early. i can't imagine that all of that watch will run until 10:00. but, nonetheless with the atmosphere so warm and a little bit of humid see the out there
5:50 pm
and the funnel system in the area, we are going to go ahead and keep showers, thunderstorms in the forecast right on through the evening hours. however, i do think they're going to be very spotty, pretty much isolated, temperatures in the upper 80s at 7:00, and eventually cooling off to. quantico 85. annapolis at 83. fredericksburg 83. very rare that the reagan temperature is warmer than the fredericksburg temperature. winchester is at 95 degrees. the heat is still prominent back to the west of us. nashville is 93, little rock 92, cincinnati was up in the 90s today. however, they're rain-cooled now. so the core of the heat is still right on top of us. upper level high pressure system sitting here. it's spinning, it's getting warmer and warmer under this high, and it looks like we're not going to bring in any cooler temperatures until we
5:51 pm
start getting into saturday and sunday. the weekend, thank goodness, looks a little cooler, but for the next couple days we're still talking upper 80s and even lower to mid-90s. not just for us. this will extend all up and down the east coast, too. so unusually warm, summertime warm the next couple days. thunderstorms still to the floret and northwest of us. it looks like that should primarily stay to the north of us. again, an outside chance a scattered thunderstorm or shower pops us for us over the next few hours. strongest of the thunderstorms well down to the south of us, bubbling up in all the heat. there's the funnel system. it will try and bring some relief tomorrow, but it will stay north of us. so we're going to stay hot. we'll be hot tomorrow, back up in the lower to mid-90s, but we will be dry with plenty of sunshine. and this trend sticks around for the next couple days. as a matter of fact, friday we're going to be right back up into the middle 90s. cooler for the weekend.
5:52 pm
it's looking better now for saturday. at least it looks dryer. a temperature of 85 degrees. we're going to technically keep a shower in the forecast for sunday, with a little question mark there. temperatures in the middle 70s. we could pull that shower out over the next couple of days so it could be a pretty good looking weekend coming our way. >> thank you, gary. >> you probably don't have to guess why they're singing. the new season of "american idol" doesn't even start until next year, but idol hopefuls already lining up doing anything they can to snag a shot. auditions in los angeles were added after producers said they had such an overwhelming amount of tal low. after months of speculation we finally know who will be sitting at the judges' table. the table has taken on a whole new look. adam housely reveals your new
5:53 pm
"american idol" judges. >> after a summer of speculation the new-look "american idol" went three at the head table takes shape. >> ladies and gentlemen, ms. jennifer lopez! >> reporter: rock 'n' roll icon steven tyler and music movie superstar jennifer lopez say they're thrilled to join one of television's top shows. >> you know, it's being a part of something much bigger than yourself. >> i'm so excited to be here. i'm so excited to work with all of you, to watch you grow and to watch the journey that we're about to take together. >> reporter: the celebrity judges joined returning member randy jackson at the table. together they're taking the competition to the next level. >> between the heart and the passion and the street c rerkz d, this is going to be a richter scale event.
5:54 pm
>> i'm looking for the next michael jackson. >> we're looking, like randy said, for the best "american idol" ever. >> reporter: singers will be encouraged to sing inside their own genre, not having to spread their wings, and second there will be no celebrity guest judges this year. in englewood, california, adam housely. >> fox 5 is your idol station. we're going to break down the announcement frommer angle. tune in for the reaction to the new judging lineup tonight on fox 5 at 10:00. kanye west has ently gotten over his rift with "saturday night live." the artist spouted profanities about the show in one of his songs but now he's scheduled to be a guest. now he is going to appear as a pus cal guest. >> everybody kissed and made
5:55 pm
up. let's take a look at the news coming up with brian bolton. >> lawyers for chandra levy's alleged attacker try to get a critical piece evidence of thrown out. plus, a community kitchen wins a contract to provide meals to several area schools. and a local police department needs your help identifying the man who has been dubbed the preppy burglar. that's at 6:00. hang tight.
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a ban on blond hair? female security officers in houston, texas claim they were warned not to show up to work as blondes. the five african-american employees work at the hairs county courthouse, and they say a supervisor sent a note warning that blond wigs could get them fired.
5:59 pm
an employment attorney questioned whether the rule was legal. >> we also would like to know whether that rule is uniformly applied to all of its employees. is this just for black employees? is it for white employees as well? is it for males as well? this is all important in make dearmg nation whether or not that's an unlandfall policy. >> their complaints did pay off. the manager for the private security firm says the local supervisor misinterpreted the rule and will be retrained. the women can have blond hair after all. okay. >> crazy, said the blond girl. >> thanks for joining us tonight at 5:00. >> the news at 6:00 starts right now. straight off the top, important rules about statements chandra levy's

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